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VYNEX, an expertise since 1920

We are specialized in fixing products (screws, nails, bolts, cup hooks, square hooks and screw-eyes) and ironmongery for DIY stores and professionals (trading materials and hardware stores).


Located in Ardennes, we manage nearly 20 000 references through three sites :

  • Thelonne : The conception of the products (Rocket) and the packaging, the sourcing (Asie, Europe), the supply management, the quality control  after receipt of the goods, the packaging in France, the printing of the labels in our workshop.
  • Blagny : the storage place (more than 12 000 places for the pallets)
  • Donchery : the preparation and the delivery of orders.

We propose a process of « Category Management » of ranges and the management in our stores.





Thelonne : Head office,  packaging, printing, storage place









Blagny : Storage place









Donchery : sales administration, logistic



We export our products in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Roumania and West Africa.


ROCKET, the professionnal screw

Designed by our research and Development department in 1995, the ROCKET screw is become one of the favorite brand of construction professionnals. A study carried out in 2017 with 600 building companies revealed that it was the best brand sold in distribution the most used by companies specialized in framework and wood-frame homes.


ROCKET is a complete range of screws for fixing and assemblying wood and chipboard.


2018, Rocket screw is progressing to be more efficient


We have modified the screw geometry to aim an improvement in every compartments of screwing without sacrificing the main advantages of ROCKET (the breakage torque and the torque resistance).


In this way, we have enhanced its torque and screwing speed, the energy expended and modified the conception of its head for achieving much more effective use for carpentry works.

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